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Fresh Food

We offer a high quality of freshly prepared food using traditional family recipes.

Eating healthy

We believe in good healthy food hence no ghee, no butter and no cream is used.


We prepare a variety of vegan & vegetarian dishes – all individually cooked.


About Us

Welcome Majjo’s – North Indian Cuisine in the heart of East Finchley, known as the local gem.

Majjo’s is a well established boutique since 1984, over 35 years. Majjo’s is referred to as a boutique because of its unique authentic style of cooking.

At Majjo’s, we prepare a variety of vegan, vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes – all individually cooked, as cooked at home, using the old pot method style. We offer a high quality of freshly prepared food using traditional family recipes.


Majjo’s cares for its customers and their health, providing the best quality of ingredients.
Majjo’s food is free from artificial ingredients, preservatives and food colourings.
Majjo’s also offer a good selection of food for customers with food intolerance.
Majjo’s caters food which is free from nuts, eggs, dairy and gluten.
Majjo’s is there to look after the health of the local community of East Finchley. taste-food

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Takeaway Menu

Please remember that this is NOT a fast food service. The dishes listed below in this menu are just some of the mouth watering dishes home cooked daily in sunflower oil at Majjo’s. More dishes are freshly prepared and served at the premises. Snacks and breads are made fresh daily. You will find a new dish every time you come into Majjo’s. Try for yourself, it’s just like mum’s cooking!

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Tuesday - Saturday: 6 PM - 10 PM